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January 13, 2010
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Aida Concept-Storyboard01 by Cor104 Aida Concept-Storyboard01 by Cor104
The reason for my recent reserch of ancient Egypt.

I was talking with :iconking-of-the-damned: the other day and we started talking about the Disney musical "AIDA" and the movie version that is supposedly in the works.

We both think it would make a good animated feature, which is why Disney originally bought the rights to a version of the story. Work was REALLY slow the other day so I sketched out some storyboards for the opening sequence on recipt paper...yeah...

I have decided that IF (big IF) there were to be an animated versin of the musical then several songs would HAVE to be cut/shortened to fit in a Disney 90-minute feature animation.

Pretend that in the 9th frame she would wave her cloak in a dramatic fashion and then her posture would become more relaxed as the more rock styled music began.

ALSO I think that the song "Every Story is a Love Story" is one of the songs that should be dramatically shortened...although I love that song.

Sorry for such a long description...congrats if you read it all!

c) Disney
Concepts by myself
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RoaringTwenty Aug 13, 2013  Student General Artist
I really hope that Disney picks it up again as a movie...
I know some people are worried about the "darker tone", but Im sure they'd lighten it a mean, Hunchback of Notre Dame was pretty dark and kinda violent and lets not forget the perverted song HELLFIRE! but that was still released by Disney! So I feel like they could turn Aida into an animated movie as well =)
barneyjones123 Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that's nice but it should be put in touchstone since it contains darker theme not fit for children,and you should make a storyboard for the ending but this time taking place place in modern egypt possibly msueum where a woman (egypt nationalist) meets a man (mixture of american and egyptian) with Amneris giving a conclusion.
of lovers no tyranny could seperate
bububububuhhh... I don't want disney to rape a perfectly good story! And it wouldn't be disney if the girl dies.. 0.0 ... *troubled*

like it =P
That's true. :)
if ya don't work for disney, you should! bring them back to some 2d!
Thank you! That's my goal! :)
NightmarePrincess23 Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Holy. Freaking. Cow. This looks so amazingly epic, I can't even begin to describe how much I love it. I was in Aida for our school musical a few years ago, and I've loved it since then, and seeing have made my night.
Thank you very much! You're comments have meant alot to me! :D
Amazing. I can totally picture this... if only they would make a movie about it :) Love it
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